MuzPuzz is a new take on the 'Guess the Intro' music game but with a twist!
Using your own music so there's no heavy downloading, MuzPuzz cleverly combines music and album covers into a fun challenging game.

With 8 different variations that include:

Guess the Artist & Titles of two of your music tracks selected randomly playing in unison.
Play the Conundrum game to guess the Artist or Group against the clock.
From the name of the Album choose the correct Artist from a multiple choice list.
From the track playing correctly select the year of release.
Guess the Artist & Titles of two of your music tracks playing in unison, however one of the tracks is playing slow and the other very fast. Identify both the Artists and Titles against the clock.
Chop Mix, identify the tracks alternating every second.
Album cover slide puzzle - complete the jumbled puzzle tiles against the clock.
From the track playing identify the correct album cover.

You get the idea, if you think you know your music then give it a go!

Configurable Skill level options enable you to make it more challenging or easier by changing the length of time given to identify the music or album covers and also gives you more or less tiles to complete in the slide puzzle game.

Your scores are added to the high scores screen to track your progress.

All you need is a decent music collection on your device and you are set to go!


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