Stylophoney - FREE

Stylophoney is a take on the original iconic electronic box of wires and transistors for Android devices.

One of the most bizarre inventions of all time, the Stylophone brought electronic music to the masses in 1970.
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The Stylophone was invented by accident (how else?) and kids presenter Rolf Harris was the ideal face to launch the product. It wasn’t just amateur musicians who warmed to the Stylophone; David Bowie wrote Space Oddity using one, and bands like Pulp still use them.

Stylophoney replicates the original sounds including vibrato and the curious stylus click sounds.

Options to record and playback your compositions including tempo and loop options.

A songbook with 40 tracks for you to try and replicate.

Pitch control so that you can tune your Stylophoney to any other instrument you may have.