PDF Extractor and PDF Splitter

PDF Extractor

PDF Extractor will extract all images and text from a chosen PDF document so that you can use them elsewhere, for example in a new document.

Unlike other apps of the same type, PDF Extractor works locally and does not require any internet connection as all processing is done within the app.

Extracted images are presented in a grid view allowing you to adjust if required and can be shared with other apps or people without the need for third party apps to make them usable.
Extracted text is presented in an editable interface where text can be shared or clipboard copied.

All extracted data is saved in a specific folder which can be located on any writeable storage location, (the app will prompt you on start up as to where you prefer the extracted files to be stored).
Unlimited text and image extraction and FREE to use.
Useful for students and professionals.


PDF Splitter

Ever come across or downloaded a PDF and found you only actually want a select number of pages and not the whole document?

It could be any PDF, a recipe, instruction manual, knitting pattern or service manual. With PDF Splitter, you can customise any PDF, large or small, and extract only the pages you want.

No more storing large documents which you never read, only keep the sections you actually want.

Customise PDFs by choosing sequential or a selection of individual pages.

PDF Splitter is a handy useful tool, easy to use and an invaluable resource.


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