OCR to PDF from your Android device

Want to include that magazine article in your document, then OCR it utilising your Android camera.
OCR (optical character recognition) is a method that converts an image of text taken by your camera into an editable document.

OCR in different languages and optionally translate results to another language of your choice.

Note: If your devices camera has a fixed focus lens then you are unlikely to be able to get the text to focus and get good OCR results.
Features include:
  • Multiple OCR engines.
  • OCR multiple times to build up a multi page document.
  • Undo & Redo functions.
  • Edit the output text to enable you to clean up any errors.
  • Save the output as PDF or text files.
  • Share the output via email or social networks.
  • Copy and paste the output.
  • Auto and manual focus (device dependant).
  • Use camera's flash (device dependant).
  • OCR documents printed in different languages.
  • Option to automatically translate OCR text to another language.
  • A 'white list' of characters to allow.
  • A 'black list' of characters to ignore.