Marquee Banner Text Scroll

Marquee Banner Text Scroll
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Marquee Banner Text Scroll the most versatile and feature rich Marquee Moving Text Scroll banner ticker sign application that displays animated scrolling messages on your Android phone or tablet for FREE.

An easy fun way to attract attention whether it be in the pub, club, school, plane, train, bus or other noisy environment.

As used at the London Olympics 2012.

Includes 34 sound effects to get the attention of the person to look at the display!

Sounds play when displaying your message, by touch or shake with auto or manual repeat.

Use it to flirt and chat up, makes a great ice breaker to get the conversation going.
Use it to flag down a ride or taxi.
Great fun at parties.
Message someone from a bus or train at the station or through the window.
Message people at concerts.
Communicate across the class room.
Get served at a bar without being at the front of the queue.
Flash you own phone number.
Communicate to fellow motorists on the highway and tell them what you think of their driving skills!

With 46 built in phrases to get you started you can add as many of your own as you like. Edit or delete the built in phrases or your own custom messages.

You can customize:
  • Single or Dual scrolls
  • Right to Left or Left to Right scroll directions
  • Mirror text so it can be read in vehicle rear view mirrors
  • Speed of the scroll
  • Static scroll
  • Size of text
  • Color of text
  • Font of text (28 fonts)
  • Text shadow color and offset
  • Background color
  • Background images (25 backgrounds)
  • Custom user backgrounds
  • Animated effects like snow, rain, frogs etc
  • Text gradient color
  • Alert sound effects with loop option and automatic maximise media volume. (34 sounds)
  • Touch or shake to stop & start sounds
  • Record your own sounds
  • Edit / Add / Delete built in and custom phrases
  • Display Date and or Time
  • NEW - Share your scrolling marquee messages
Comes with 28 fonts including: Harry Potter, Batman, Family Guy, Yahoo and many more...
App can be moved to external memory and completely FREE.

Marquee Banner Text Scroll - screenshotSee what other say:

Best I've used. Easy set up. Lots of options
Cool Have tried most scrollers but this one is the best by far
Marquee moving text scroll Great app! Lots of fun!
Excelente Buenisimo
Good Stuff! Checked loads of text display apps. This is by far easiest to use with loads of features. Also the display is very clear. Many thanks.
Nice App keeps getting better! New features great, this App gets better with every update and for free. What more can you ask for, 10 stars! ; )
Luv it!!!! Don't think I can fault this app its great.
Excellent Best banner app on the market
Seems cool! So far no hidden tricks. Seems like it could be an entertaining keeper.
Never lost for words ! This is A * Absolutely fab and that vital little app you just have to have and never leave the house without !!!
Good app Does exactly what I expected it to do. Scrolls a nice text across the screen!
SHEER FUN!! An absolutely brilliant fun app on my HTC Flyer... you need an app like this to give a little joy now and then
great fun app get it! great fun app brilliant fun in nightclubs bars etc even on a long haul flight from Sydney to la get it its really cool ENJOY!