Monday, 5 May 2014

Proverbs & Meanings

So what is a Proverb, well think of then as a short saying in frequent and widespread use that expresses a basic truth or practical advice.

• Find and list commonly used proverbs and their meanings easily accessible on your device.
• Proverb of the day
• Configurable daily / hourly Proverb alerts even when app is not running
• List All Proverbs
• Filter Proverbs by letter or word
• Share proverbs, Email, Facebook, SMS....
• Set / list your favourite Proverbs
• Edit or Add your own Proverb
• Fully off-line no internet connection required to view Proverbs
• Simple and friendly interface
• Lots of proverbs and their meanings


Thursday, 3 April 2014

New Release - Chart Wizzard

Chart Wizard & Chart Wizard Pro are two new FREE apps that will convert images  into whole stitch charts that can be exported and printed or stitch on your device.

Chart Wizard - Converts and creates traditional stitch chart with symbols that can be printed or shared.

However if you prefer to stitch using your device to mark and guide you progress get "Chart Wizard Pro" (Also Free)

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