Tuesday, 26 November 2013

New Release - My Picture Puzzles

New Release

With My Picture Puzzles you can create jigsaws and slide-puzzles from your own images.
 The number of pieces / tiles change depending on difficulty level.


Monday, 11 November 2013

New Release - Christmas Messenger

Yo ho ho it's that time of year to send greetings to one and all, so how about this year dumping those old fashioned cards and instead send personalised animated messages instead?

With Christmas Messenger for Android you can use your device to display or send animated scrolling messages with our great Christmas themes.


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

New App - PDF Image & Text Extractor

PDF Extractor will extract all images and text from a chosen PDF document so that you can use them elsewhere, for example in a new document.

Unlike other apps of the same type, PDF Extractor works locally and does not require any internet connection as all processing is done within the app.


New App - MuzPuzz

MuzPuzz is a new take on the 'Guess the Intro' music game but with a twist!

Using your own music so there's no heavy downloading, MuzPuzz cleverly combines music and album covers into a fun challenging game.

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Monday, 14 October 2013

New app Shoe Kitty

For all those who absolutely luv shoes & boots and probably have many pairs - Shoe Kitty for Android!

Photograph and add them to Shoe Kitty allowing you to catalogue & browse your collection any time anywhere.


New app Firewood Companion

Firewood Log Companion is a handy useful informative App for those who burn wood in stoves or open fires.

List popular woods by name or burn performance.
Identify wood by the built in bark and leaf images and detailed descriptions.

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Ultimate Idiom Sayings 6000+

Something new - The largest collection of over 6000 sayings and phrases known as Idioms with meanings.

Health Monitor Reports Charts

The award winning health monitoring Windows program is now available for your Android phone and tablet.

Lets face it, it's never the right time to record your vitals but with Health Monitor for Android we've made it easier than ever before.


Cross Stitch Thread Companion

Cross Stitch Thread Companion is a handy tool that list stranded cottons / floss threads.

With 20 brands, more than any other app, to choose from you can list threads by manufacturer and code and view alternatives.



One of the most bizarre inventions of all time, the Stylophone brought electronic music to the masses in 1970.
Stylophoney is our take on the original iconic electronic box of wires and transistors for Android devices.


Guess the Intro MP3 Music Quiz

Unique, fun, interactive free Android quiz for all the family.
Using your own music collection the quiz magically transforms your tracks into random questions. Can you name that tune?


Knitting Patterns Database

KPD is a free unique and comprehensive suite of Android tools designed for knitters & crocheters. KPD catalogues PDF patterns enabling you to find patterns that match your knitting requirements and more.

KPD has the functionality of over 20 knitting apps all in one place.


Marquee Banner Text Scroll

Marquee Banner Text Scroll the most versatile and feature rich Marquee Moving Text Scroll banner ticker sign application that displays animated scrolling messages on your Android phone or tablet for FREE.

An easy fun way to attract attention whether it be in the pub, club, school, plane, train, bus or other noisy environment. Read More...

OCR from your Android device to PDF, TEXT or SHARE

Want to include that magazine article in your document, then OCR it utilising your Android camera.

OCR (optical character recognition) is a method that converts an image of text taken by your camera into an editable document.